Dear supporters,

We've made it! We raised one full scholarship already! Thanks to all of you – who supported us with housing, kilometres, good advice and memorable moments.

Facts First

Total of kilometres actually cycled:955.4 km**Josh's and Sara's km added up.

Length of route:600.4 km

Money towards scholarships raised:449.67 €**Donations still accepted.

5 Days in a nut shell

Monday, 29th September

Sara leaves from Gleina, Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt to Rudolstadt. She stops in Eckartsberga for tea with Luisa, then continues to Rudolstadt, where she arrives at 5pm after 94 km.

Tuesday, 30th September

Sara spends the entire day riding, and sometimes pushing her fixie up the mountains of the Rennsteig. After 140 km, she finally meets Josh in the centre of Bamberg.

Wednesday, 1st September

Josh and Sara continue their journey together, along the Main-Danube-Channel to Ansbach, where they are warmly welcomed into Family Koch's home. 105Km counted the speedometer that day.

Thursday, 2nd September

With many incidents of getting lost, breaks of map reading and bad road quality but no sore bums thanks to our comfy saddles – we finally made it to Ulm, having mashed 130km roughly.

Friday, 3rd September

Our host, Bernd Hummel, decided to ride parts of the last leg with us, took the wind and pulled us through to Friedrichshafen with 30km/h. At around 4pm we arrived happily at the EUROBIKE!

The Fund-raising will continue

At EUROBIKE, we met many promising bike brands and associations, like nutcase and VSF, as well as Selle Anatomica, who are interested in supporting the Short Course and Swaziland sustainably.

Still -every coin and word makes a big difference!

Help us spread the word

How can you get involved?

Buy kilometres!

Here you can quick and easy buy kilometres for 5Euros/km. The minimum donation is 1 kilometre, but you are more than welcome to donate more!

All donations will be used towards scholarships for our 55 Short Course participants (especially the ones from Swaziland and other African countries) and for all upcoming costs for accommodation, food and other necessities for running the course.

Josh and Sara

Der Radladen NRG Bamberg

BikeDom Naumburg

Hanne Soulis

Ellen Genetello

Eugene Peng

Daniel Lee

Uli Zenkel

Kristine Kippenhan

Bernd Hummel

Joerg Hinney

When The Evil Shredder Attacks

Janine Heller

Josephine Erfurt

Christine Urban

Eva Nusslein

Uli, Thomas, Anna, Johann Koch

Felix Rosenthal

Anita and Werner Sander

Theresa Elflein

Ka Tat Lee