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“We are a group of UWC alumni and UWC teachers, excited to spread the UWC spirit and experience beyond the borders of the two-year college experience. A fantastic way of doing so are UWC Short Courses.

The idea to organise a UWC Short Course in Swaziland was born, when a number of graduates from Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa were thinking about possibilities to stay in touch with Swaziland and the College and a way to give some of the experiences and knowledge acquired during the UWC college time back to the community. The idea became a plan when a call for more team-members was circulated in February 2010. Since then a wonderfully motivated and creative team has come together and the UWC Short Course "Together for Development" is becoming reality. 

We would like to introduce the current team members who are behind the scenes turning a plan into an unforgettable experience for 55 teenagers from all over the world.”


General Coordinators

Sandhya Fuchs, Anna Maria Airaksinen and Lukas Wallrich pull everything together.

Programme Coordinators

Sara Heinrich and Karen Moore are in charge of the programme design. They come up with workshop content, organise community interaction projects and other exciting adventures.

Junior Facilitators

Catherine Ballali, Sofia Carvalho, Marius Kat, Yuefan Shao are either current UWC students from different colleges or recent graduates who help out the rest of the team as junior facilitators.


Carolin Maney is the caring woman in charge of selecting and looking after our participants.


Theema Mohamed, Bettina Tria and Amy Burnett socialise with our sponsors organising the crucial financial backbone without which the UWC Short Course "Together for Development" would not happen. 


Bosede Akinbolusere, Rokuhei Fukui, Suzanne Harris, Karoline Klose, Maria Rodriguez are full-time facilitators who run as well as plan workshops and other activities and take care of our participants during the course.


John Green is the magic hands making sure that everything falls into the right place at the right time.

Local Coordinator

Josh Widera will travel to Swaziland 5 months prior to the course to organise everything on the ground before the rest of the team arrives.