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“Together for Development” will be the first UWC Short Course taking place on the African continent. We will inspire and empower 50 young people from all over the world to lead or contribute to effective development ventures in their home communities and in the wider world. Your support will allow motivated young minds to participate, regardless of their financial background.


Buy kilometres of an exciting bike riding fundraiser!

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Marja-Liisa Mansela, Finland

Karen Moore, Canada

Barbora Rišňovská, Slovakia

Sandhya Fuchs, Germany

Lukas Wallrich, Germany

Roman Wallrich, Germany

Betty Wallrich, Germany

Anneli Airaksinen, Finland

Esko Airaksinen, Finland

Sofia Carvalho, Brazil

Our Supporters

Theema Mohammed, Maldives

Sam Danzig, UK

Helen Please, UK

Zander Zambas, UK

Antje Linkenbach-Fuchs, Germany

Samuli Sinisalo, Finland

Björn Bremer, Germany

Anna Maria Airaksinen, Finland

Roku Fukui, USA

Josh Widera, Germany

Karoline Klose, Germany

John Green, New Zealand

Marius Kat, The Netherlands

Michael Watson, Canada

Sameena Qureishi, UK

Julie Solomon, US

Bettina Tria, Germany

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